I’m not a card-bearing member of the CPP — Kweku Baako


kweku BaakoContrary to the widely held view that Malik Kweku Baako, Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide, is an official member of the Convention People’s Party, he says it is not so.

The outspoken social commentator revealed that though he is a staunch adherent of the principles of Nkrumaism, he bears no official seal of theCPP. The celebrated journalist also denied being an NPP activist.

Mr. Baako, who was a panel member on Peace FMs “Kokrokoo” Morning Show, was reacting to a text message regarding his political affiliation, since he was constantly defending the erstwhile NPP government’s policies.

“Kwami, I’m not an official card office holder of the CPP. Indeed, when you (apparently referring to the Host) invite me here, let listeners understand that I come in my capacity as a journalist. That is why I am here. You introduced me as the Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide. I am not an NPP member; I cannot join the NPP, because philosophically and ideologically, we are different. But, when it comes to the democratic struggle in Ghana, from 1970 that was when I worked with the NPP. We were in the trenches together,” he stated.

Asked by the Host of the programme, Kwami Sefa Kayi if he could be described as an NPP sympathizer, Mr. Baako spat forth an emphatic “No!”.

“I’m not!” he said, “but I think that the 8 years of NPP has been one of the best in the Fourth Republic,” he added.

Commenting on the highly-speculated and anticipated trial of two Ghanaian Directors of the oil company, EO, Mr. George Owusu and Dr. Barwuah Edusei, for alleged forgery and money laundering offences, Mr. Baako stressed that should the case see the light of day in court, government will lose disgracefully. He accused the NDC government of leaking negative stories about the two Ghanaian executives to the British international business newspaper, the Financial Times.

“What is interesting now is that, Barwuah Edusei has not complained that someone has forged his signature. Together with George Owusu, they are in the dock to be tried as accused persons… All these negative stories about financial loss and money laundering were leaked to the Financial Times (FT) by this government,” he alleged.

Whiles also alleging double standards on the part of some government officials, Mr. Baako vowed to lead a crusade for justice to be served, stressing that nothing whatsoever will stop the New Crusading Guide (NCG) in that regard.

“We want to serve notice…No attempt to attack the integrity of the NCG or Kweku Baako on Kosmos/EO and Ghana Oil Industry can take any fire away from us. Nothing! No attempt. Those leaders behind it, go and ask them how hot they are…They are sitting on thorns. Because Kwami, we are coming out with more revelations; more serious confidential disclosures of things that are happenings. The hypocrisy, the double standards in this country today…,” he said.