Parliament debates tenure of ministers whose appointments have been revoked


The controversy over President Mills’ recent reshuffle continues unabated in Parliament with members of both the Majority and Minority clashing

over when ministers whose appointments have been revoked should leave office.

In Parliament on Wednesday outgoing Minister for Works and Housing, Albert Abongo, was due to respond to questions relating to that sector when MP for Sekondi, Papa Owusu Ankomah, questioned his presence there.

Mr Ankomah argued that once the President has communicated to Parliament that the minister’s appointment has been revoked, Mr Abongo should not be made to come before the House to answer questions.

“I know that it has not been the practice but I believe that the time has come for us to demand that unless he expresses any rejection our understanding is that the appointment has…been revoked,” Mr Ankomah complained to the House.

“The President owes Parliament a duty if he wants the person to continue into office until a certain date to indicate that…as representatives of the people of this country.”

However, Majority Leader Alban Bagbin, who has been nominated to replace the outgoing minister, said the Sekondi MP’s argument is flawed.

The debate was closed after both the Minority Leader Osei-Kyei-Mensah Bonsu and the Speaker Joyce Bamford Addo urged members to allow the outgoing minister to answer the questions while the issue is considered at a later time by the leadership.

President Mills on Tuesday did a major shuffling of his ministers and key Members of Parliament.

Whilst Majority Leader Alban Bagbin has been reassigned to the Works and Housing Ministry, the Talensi constituency MP John Akologu Tia goes to the Information Ministry to replace Mrs Zita Okaikoi.