Can Sena Dansua navigate Sports Ministry’s ‘landmine’?


The appointment of Mrs Ekua Sena Dansua as the Minister of Youth and Sports has generated heated controversy amongst the sports fraternity.

Even though she is acclaimed as an astute politician, some sports journalists in the country have expressed doubts, saying the terrain might be a lot different from what she is used to.

Even before she would be vetted and hopefully sworn into office, the journalists warn of a ‘landmine’ she is about to thread on.

“She will have to take in at some point quite a great deal of criticism. She will be scrutinized in a way I suspect that she is not been scrutinized in a long while. It is quite a difficult area to deal with,” Freelance journalist Michael Oti Adjei told Joy News on Tuesday.

“This is in no way to cast aspersions on the competence of the Hon Sena Dansua I believe she is brilliant politician, but the big question, is can she handle the perception that the sports ministry has some mafia clique in there? Can she handle the hotness of the seat since so many people come there and not last for more than two years? Christopher Opoku ace sports journalist quizzed.

However, Jerry Ayensu formerly of Radio Gold believes she is up to the task.

I believe Ekua Dansua is a tough woman. I have had the chance to deal with her on some occasions and I think she is a fantastic woman. She is been a good minister so far at the Women’s ministry and I am tempted to believe her dexterity and all will give her the opportunity to get to do a good job,” he praised.