Ayariga and Anyidoho were a very odd couple – Doris Yaa Dartey


There have sharp comments and criticisms to President John Mills’ first cabinet reshuffle which saw major Ministers either losing their post,

reassigned or new people getting ministerial appointments.

The reshuffle has seen the president’s press secretary, Mahama Ayariga being reassigned to the Trade and Industry Ministry as the Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry.

The president has subsequently scraped the post of Presidential press secretary and this the expert say is attributed to the lack of cohesion between Mahama Ayariga and the Communications Director at the Castle, Koku Anyidoho.

Dr Doris Yaa Dartey, a communication consultant told Citi News that the combination of Ayariga and Anyidoho did not work as expected. She said they were constantly competing with each other over what kind of information to disseminate to the public.

“The Ayariga, Anyidoho pair at the castle, I have always thought of them as a very odd couple. Then, when you match the castle cue with the Ministry of Information cue, there was always this sense of individuals competing with each other about who says what and when. It was never clear who was speaking for government,” she said.

“Some of the things said individually came across as disjointed instead of having one voice. And then there have been times that we’ve had very rude remarks from a government communication tool…There were times some of them were sentimental, they sounded angry, aggressive and you wonder is this supposed to be the role of government communication?” she added.

Dr Dartey concluded that the president might probably be now aware that his communication tools where not speaking with one voice as it is supposed to be, “probably President Mills acknowledges the fact that he didn’t have a communication key that was speaking with one voice.”