Malaysia High Commission undersiege; workers demand pay rise


Employees of the Malaysia High Commission in Accra are incensed over what they describe as paltry salaries and poor working conditions.

The aggrieved workers besieged the offices of the high commission on Tuesday demanding the immediate payment of arrears and increases in salaries.

Some of the workers told Joy News’ Evans Mensah they have been “enslaved” for far too long and need to be paid well.

“We have been cheated, enslaved and we have been suffocated,” one of the employees said.

According to him he is paid only GH¢110 after 14 years of service for the High Commission.

He alleged they were promised a 200 per cent salary increase but that has not been implemented.

Given the high standard of living in the country, the employee said the amount is so meager and making life unbearable for them.

“The bottom line is we are waiting for the new salaries and the arrears we are not going to cause any mayhem or beat anybody. We are Ghanaians and we know the laws here. What we are waiting for the new salary and the arrears,” he insisted.

A visa clerk who has worked for ten years, claimed to be earning a monthly salary of GH¢130.00.

“This issue started not today. We have lived here with patience, hoping one day the sun will shine. It never happens, all we receive is promises after promises which as at now we can call deception,” she lamented.

Officials of the Malaysia High Commission say they have scheduled to meet the workers later in the day for an amicable solution to the problem.