Majid Fights John Dumelo Over Nadia


MajidJohn Dumelo is the richest and the most influential man in Akosombo, to every woman to him everywoman

should bow and beg for his love.

Eventually he meets Nadia Buari and tries his hoax on her contrary to his expectation; Chelsea proves to be outstanding and seems to have a different view of him. For the first time in John’s life, he takes one step further to impress a girl yet he failed. After trying all his pranks on her and many exhibitions of his wealth, but Nadia never gave him any attention to execute his intentions,

He Married Nadia Just To Sleep With Her
He diabolically marries Nadia just to have her to grace his bed. And dumps her after their wedding night, Nadia leaves Akosombo to Accra, where she incidentally meets and falls in love with Johns brother Majid Michel an artiste who has been picturing Nadia in her dreams

Just before majid and Nadia gets married, John dumelo turn up and Majid has to choose between a blood brother John Dumelo and his long awaited love Nadia