Muntaka man dares National Security


Former Minister of Youth and Sports, Alhaji Mohammed Muntaka MubarrakA close confident of former Minister of Youth and Sports, Alhaji Mohammed Muntaka Mubarrak, who

was booted out of office, has accused National Security of allowing itself to be used to give the former Minister a bad name in order to hang him.

The middle aged man, who worked closely with the former Minister of Youth and Sports at the Ministry (name withheld), told journalists that the investigations into what has been described by certain political and media pundits as a major scandal since the Mills-led administration assumed political power, clearly shows that the National Security Secretariat did not conduct proper investigations.

According to him, National Security veered off its original mandate of investigating the 17 allegations referred to it by President John Evans Atta Mills and went into other areas for unexplained reasons.

He insisted that National Security’s report sought to create the impression that Alhaji Muntaka travelled to Germany with one Edith Zinayela at the expense of the state, saying that even though the Germany trip was outside the mandate of National Security’s investigations, the latter for strange reasons included it in its investigations, but failed to properly alert both Alhaji Muntaka and Edith so they could speak to that issue before coming out with its report.

He stated that this has angered almost all the Muslim communities in the country, who keep going back and forth, throwing a challenge to the National Security to come clean on the matter.

Ms Zinayela, according to him, before being given a visa, was requested to send her pay slips to the German Embassy, which she did, which pay slips clearly indicated that she was a staff of the Parliamentary Service Board.

This development and fresh evidence at the German Embassy, he revealed, could therefore not implicate the former Youth and Sports Minister in a plot of misrepresentation. He therefore challenged the National Security office to show where it got the information that the lady, Edith, said at the Embassy that, she was an Administrative Officer at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

He maintained that Alhaji Muntaka never wrote any letter to the German Embassy but the Ministry’s Human Resource Deputy Director, one Allen, was the one who, in a letter to the Foreign Affairs Ministry described the lady, Edith as an Executive Secretary.

He said the state did not spend any money on Edith, since the cost of the visit by the four including the former Minister was borne by PUM, whose officers invited the delegation to Germany for an important discussion.