Journalist Attacked At Castro’s Secret Wedding


Castro and new wife with his father behind the couple A local entertainment newspaper journalist, known as Ekow Anderson last Sunday 17th January attacked during a secret wedding ceremony between

popular hip life artiste Castro de Destroyer real name Theophilus Tagoe and his new found, Canadian based Ghanaian lover, Awura Abena.

Andy who works for “Weekly Fylla” a local entertainment weekly speaking to peacefmonline, said he was almost lynched by some followers of the “Bone shaker” rapper and singer. According to Ekow he is Castro’s very close friend and was very surprised when he heard that Castro was going to get married without informing him.

“I had the news about four days before the D-day and I was wondering why Castro was hiding it from me and the whole media, but later when I investigated, I heard he didn’t want any media person at his wedding. I decided to go and verify for myself, if there is truly a wedding and if he indeed does not want the media there” he narrated.

The private wedding took place at the Roman Catholic Church at Akyem Swedru where Castro’s wife reportedly hails from. According to Andy, when he reached the wedding grounds at about 10a.m, Sunday morning, the whole atmosphere changed. “Everybody’s face changed when they saw me. Castro looked like he had seen a ghost. I said ‘hi’ to everyone and started doing my work.

I set my camera and tried taking shots of Castro and wife and some people from one side of the family stopped me and said nobody is allowed to take pictures. I stopped and sat down and then Castro’s younger brother came to me and warned me that if I tried taking any picture, they would beat me up and seize my camera. Castro’s father also confronted me and warned me”, he stated.

He continued that he went about 200 meters away from where the wedding was taking place and Castro’s boys including his brother, followed him wherever he went and kept issuing threats. So he had to hang around, until the reception where he was able to take a few shots of the new couple from a distance but was not seen.

The wedding ended at 12noon and the reception was held immediately after the wedding ceremony at Green Peace Inn, located at Frempong Mansion, Akyem Swedru Road. Castro invited some few friends and security at the wedding venue was tight to the extent that one couldn’t even use his phone to capture anything. Some of the few Celebrities, who were invited, were Screw Face, D-flex, Akoo Nana, Old Soldier and Sakordie who popped up at the latter part of the ceremony.

All attempts to contact Castro for his side of the story proved futile. Meanwhile, when contacted DJ Amess, Castro’s manager, he said Castro did not invite him to his supposed secret wedding and therefore did not attend the said ceremony but insisted Up until now DJ Amess does not know the whereabouts of his artiste. went on to speak with an official of Goals Multimedia, the record label responsible for Castro’s current album, but he said the record label has disassociated itself entirely from Castro.

The Official who spoke on condition of anonymity said Castro’s phone has been off for several weeks now. He disclosed that Castro is no longer on the record label and also added that they didn’t hear of Castro’s wedding and as a result could not attend and concluded that there is no bad blood between Goals Multimedia and Castro.