Ga Youth Go For Veep’s Wife

Lordina Mahama - 2nd LadyLAUDINA Mahama, the wife of Vice President John Dramani Mahama, has incurred the wrath of the

Ga Youth Association, an Accra-based youth movement which claims to be championing the interest of natives of GA.
The second lady, according to reports, has been allocated a government bungalow in Accra for use as an office for her Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

Speaking in an interview with Kessben FM in Kumasi, the spokesperson of the group, Nii Armah, said they do not understand why the second lady should be allocated a government bungalow for her private use.

Agitated, Nii Armah explained that the country has no contract with the second lady; therefore the allocation of a government bungalow for her private use is a misplaced priority.

“So far as we are concerned, the nation only has a contract with the Vice President and not his wife, therefore the second lady cannot be entitled to a state bungalow”, he stated irately.

The passionate spokesperson noted that what irritates them the more is the fact that the second lady is using the allocated state bungalow as an office for her NGO.

“How on earth should a state bungalow be allocated to a second lady who was not elected for use as her private office? For God’s sake, if the second lady needs an office for her NGO, she should rent one”, Nii Armah noted with anger.

He challenged Vice President John Mahama to come public with details about the allocation of the state bungalow to his wife for use as an office.

“We are daring the Vice President to come out and tell us why his wife was given that facility, is it for free or paid for it, we need to know now”, the enthusiastic spokesperson insisted.

He declared that they would not hesitate to evict the second lady from the bungalow should the government fail to heed to their challenge to throw her out.

Nii Armah intimated that if Mills’ government had the ears to listen to their hue and cry that ex-President Kufuor should be evicted from his office, it should have the same ears to listen to their demand now.

It would be recalled that the Ga Youth Association spate fire on ex-President Kufuor, insisting that so far as they exist they would not allow him to use a state bungalow at Osu as his private office.

Though article 71 of the 1992 Constitution stipulates among other things that an ex-President of the country should be allocated an office, the Ga youth insisted they would not allow ex-President Kufuor to use the facility.

Their beef was that the facility was located on their land and once ex-President Kufuor was not a native of the area, they would not allow him to use the building.

In spite of this unwarranted agitation, the Mills administration, as part of its grand agenda to malign the former President, gave its backing to the Ga youth, even though a section of the populace kicked against the development.

Employing the undue services of the office of National Security Coordinator, ex-President Kufuor was forcibly evicted from the building with the lame excuse that the place is a security zone.

From Morgan Owusu, Kumasi