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Monday, January 17, 2022

Jon Germain And Yvonne In Love Tango


Yvonne NelsonHot actress Yvonne Nelson has bounced back into the news again and this time, she is rumored to be in an amorous relationship with TV presenter Jon Germain.

Sources told News-One the two tall screen personalities have been dating for some time now and were spotted a number of times in town, especially during the X’mas and New Year holidays.

But latest indications are that the hitherto blissful relationship between the two lovebirds has hit the rocks. While the sexy actress tried to deny that something ever existed between them, the young man admitted there was something going on, saying he was not in a position to tell whether the ‘fire of love’ had died down or is still burning.

On Sunday, the ‘Princess Tyra’ actress told ‘News-One that Jon Germain was just a friend, and that people have just been trying to link them together, just like they did to her and fellow actor John Dumelo.“I have a boyfriend and it will not be fair to go behind him. Jon is just a friend. You can call him and ask him.

There is nothing going on between us. I even hear he is getting married,” she said. Initially, Jon aka the Supremo, failed to pick his phone when the paper’s reporter called his TiGo number to deny or confirm the story.

But when the paper sent him a text message, he replied (also via text message), saying he was truly in a relationship with Yvonne. “We had a relationship but it’s complicated. I don’t know if we broke up or not,” was the reply Jon sent in the text message.

This latest grapevine affair between Yvonne and Jon, the host of Metro TV’s AlloTigo and a musician, is one of many such unconfirmed relationships between stars (actors, musicians and footballers).

The Supremo on the relationship

“We had a relationship but it’s complicated. I don’t know if we broke up or not”.

Source: NewsOne

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