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Beauty and the Beast on Val’s Day


A scene from last year's staging of the 'Beauty and the Beast'Valentine’s Day which falls on February 14 each year is celebrated the world over as ‘Lovers Day’ and this year will be no different.

One of the high points of this year’s Val’s Day celebration will be a play dubbed ‘Beauty and the Beast’ which will be performed by the School of Performing Arts of the University of Ghana.

Instead of the regular ‘Beauty and the Beast’ animation story by Disney, there will be local adaptations to the story in the play, organisers have promised.

It will incorporate local dialogues and traditional dances like ‘adowa’ and ‘fontomfrom’ in the play.

Nicholas Asante who is the director of the play told Myjoyonline.com that he first did the play in March 2009, as a project in his final year at the University of Ghana.

The first show, he said, had a cast and crew of 100 but he hopes to cut down that number due to financial constraints. He said he currently has about 60 casts of which three are foreign.

Nicholas is currently a teaching assistant at the University. He said it was his dream to see the theatre get very active in the country just like the Broadway shows in the Unites States.

He said, “The Beauty and Beast story is about a girl who lives in a village where everybody does the same thing. She didn’t want to be like them, she wanted to do something different. She wanted to live in a more adventurous place….the story coincides with what I wanted to do and achieve.”

He was not happy about the way the society has taken the School of Performing Arts for granted. The ‘young’ director said it was worrying to see the way people see Theatre Arts as the last option to gaining admission to the university.

Nicholas said more than 60 per cent of the students in the School of Performing Arts are not there because they want to study the arts but rather, it is a means to an end for them to acquire university education because of sometimes their poor grades.

He added that it is only a few of them who have love for the arts from the beginning who excel in it. The rest, venture into non-arts professions such as banking after school.

The ‘Beauty and the Beast’ will be performed at the ATS Drama Studio, University of Ghana from the 11th to the 14th of February, 7pm each night.

Story by Aglanu Dela Ernest/Myjoyonline

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