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Friday, July 1, 2022

Sex Scandal Rocks Methodist Church


Rev Dr Emmanuel AsanteA SEX scandal has rocked the Methodist Church as the Administrative Bishop flees to the US to take cover, according to a leader of the church’s wing.According to Jacob Osei Yeboah, leader of the Resurrection Methodist Church at Adenta, Accra, who has

written to the US Ambassador seeking the Bishop’s repatriation, the Rt. Rev. Kow Bosomefi Egyir raped an errand girl and fled to the North American country.

Mr. Osei Yeboah wants the Administrative Bishop to come and face justice in the country.

He recalled in the letter to the American envoy that when a journalist sought to verify the story, he took her to the Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church Ghana, Most Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante, at the Methodist Headquarters who confirmed the scandal.

The confirmation, he stated, was made in the presence of Rt. Rev. Asamoah Otchere. The Presiding Bishop, he said, indicated that the victim is being counseled to overcome what he described as the “destruction of her conscience, soul and spirit”.

The Bishop, he went on, could however not say if the church’s constitution supersedes that of Ghana’s in dealing with the criminality of the rape scandal.

Buttressing his case further, Mr. Osei Yeboah quoted President Barack Obama’s speech during his visit to Ghana which bordered on the need to hold leaders accountable for their deeds.

“My heart and many others are deeply saddened and exceedingly disturbed.

This rape episode is saddening because of comments from the laity and the youth in particular, for when those societies consider as low class go about raping women, the police and the rule of law take them to account for their action and ultimately imprisoned.

When can the triumph of justice be witnessed when those who are supposed to protect the law are themselves breakers of the law, and the law is only applied to the poor, weak and vulnerable in the society, he asked.

This rape case by the second in command of the Methodist Church in Ghana, he noted, is a clear case for the religious bodies, civil society in Ghana and the law enforcement agencies.

He encouraged the US authorities, through the envoy, to get the top churchman repatriated to Ghana.

By A.R. Gomda

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