Mills Brother In ‘Shit’ Attack


Dr Cadman Mills and Gregg FrazierThe man who claims to hold the key to Ghana’s financial breakthrough, Gregg Frazier, the International Coordinator of Oman Ghana Holdings, was allegedly threatened by Sam Mills, a junior brother of President Atta Mills.

Grazier had barely begun addressing a press conference yesterday in Accra when a phone call he supposedly received from Sam Mills allegedly turned out to be a conduit for spewing threatening remarks at him.

“Be careful! I don’t play that fucking shit. I am from Detroit, you know. If you don’t take care, you will see the other side of me,” 62-year-old Frazier told journalists he heard these words from Sam Mills, who generated the call from a security phone which showed no number.

Stupefied and left with no option in the presence of the journalists, Frazier was also heard reacting intemperately: “I don’t also play that fucking shit! You can’t do nothing to me!”

The Oman Ghana Holdings is said to contain over $47 billion bequeathed to Ghana by Du Bois in a Swiss Bank account. However, there have been controversial claims of ownership of the fortune and it is unclear whether it belongs to the state or the late John Ackah Blay-Miezah, the sole trustee of the fund.

Dr. Cadman Mills, another brother of the President and member of Mills’ Economic Advisory Team, said the NDC government is not interested in pursuing the cash.

Frazier said he suspected Sam Mills, the junior brother of the President, was being wooed into a ploy by a certain John Kells, an expatriate, to exploit the people of Ghana and deny them access to the Oman Ghana Holdings fund.

Giving reasons why he believed his suspicion was right, Mr Frazier said Mr Kells supposedly bribed a Ghanaian Supreme Court judge whose name he asked to be kept secret, in 1993, to rule in a case he had brought in a claim against the Oman Ghana Holdings, in his favour.

“The man eventually lost the case. However, when it was finally found out that the judge was influenced, the judge was sacked by the Supreme Court.”

According to him, the sacked Supreme Court judge’s niece is now in government, and therefore, he believed she was being influenced by John Kells to revisit the issue and ensure he succeeds.

“Because these selfish people, among other evil ones, know I have all the information, they are bent on frustrating all my efforts at trying to help Ghanaians to redeem the funds.

“I have been campaigning for this money for the past 26 years to have these funds retrieved but I don’t understand why people in authority are uncooperative. Definitely, they cannot do this without me.”

According to Mr Frazier, he is prepared to foot all bills in connection with the trip to and from Switzerland with a government selected team, and provide their lodging there and every appropriate assistance needed to get the funds released to Ghana, all within a period of 5 days.

“I do not simply understand why the Ghana Government is not willing to give me just a single chance to prove to them that I am not insane. I just cannot understand! It saddens me all the time.

What breaks my heart the more is that some of the people for whose cause I am making this campaign, see me and begin to make mockery of me.”

Oman Ghana Holdings, he said, was opened by Ghana’s first President, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, in an account with the Union Bank of Switzerland.

The funds were sourced by W.E.B. Du-Bois, a pan-Africanist, from the Swiss Bank shortly after World War II in 1945 to specifically help Africa’s development. Du-Bois then handed the money to Dr Kwame Nkrumah, whom he asked to use the money to develop other countries in Africa after Ghana had been developed.

By Samuel Boadi