Ga-dangme youth object gov’t housing policy


The Ga-Dangme Youth Association are up in arms over government’s policy to build executive houses for sale to Ghanaians.
The group says such houses will not be affordable to the indigenes of the Ga-dangme people who are mostly fishers.

Their concerns follow the announcement by Housing Minister, Albert Abongo of a deal reached with a Korean firm to put up executive houses which are expected to ease the housing deficit in the country.

Lands along Sege and Ada which are part of the Ga-Dangme lands have been earmarked for the project which is expected to begin soon.

The Vice President of the Ga-Dangme Youth Association Nii Markwei in an interview with Joy News’ Dzifa Bampoe objected to the use of the lands for the executive houses.

“For government to put up executive houses, the ordinary Ga-Dangme person or the ordinary Ghanaian cannot afford that because most of our people are into fishing and farming and if you put up executive houses in Accra how many of them can afford it?” he quizzed.

Alternatively the government he said should implement a social housing policy where everybody can afford it.

“When you want to build a house, what we are saying is that put up regeneration of Accra into social housing, those ones everybody can afford it, if you don’t have the money to buy it, you can rent it,” he said.

Nii Markwei opined the lands earmarked for the executive houses are fertile and would rather be more beneficial in the cultivation of food crops.

He said the Ga-Dangme youth are rather interested in the government’s youth in agriculture programme and would prefer that the youth are encouraged to make that policy a success.

Having been vociferous against the erstwhile NPP government over sale of Ga lands, Nii Markwei warned they are not going to wait until election 2012 before they will make their voices heard.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/