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Opinion: Agya-Atta is either a coward or a hypocrite if…


I am sometimes engulfed in a pool of perplexity whenever I see people who are in government acting as if they are going to rule till the end of this world and such is the nature of the NDC party now in power. I thought that they would have being smart and wise enough to have noticed this

since they are aficionados when it comes to Ghana’s politics. However most of them seem to behave like political androids that have just been released from Mars into this part of the planet Earth called Ghana. In fact to say the least they are behaving like aliens in their own land.

If not for the whimsy kind of leadership being exhibited by Agya-Atta, how on earth in this democratic dispensation could a Communication Director at the Presidency openly preach hatred as if he was preaching the Gospel and still have his position. And as if that is not enough this Communication Director [i.e. Communication Disaster] goes on a threatening and insulting spree any time someone tries to criticize the NDC government.

Well, what do we expect when we have some so called senior journalists like the Kwesi Pratts urging them on; forgetting that by these actions of theirs they are just opening the flood gates of insults to the presidency. On the other hand these same people would be the first group of people to start disturbing our ears with a lot of cacophony when people begin to throw insults at the President. Indeed the likes of the Kwesi Pratts are the irony of their own contradictions so the least I talk about them the better.

By the way what is Kofi Poku Manu [i.e. The Ashanti Regional Minister] saying; that the NDC sympathizers and members should slap opposition members who decide to criticize or chastise the NDC government in their quest to destroy the NDC party? A license to slap I guess or is he propounding a new slapping theory? Anyway if I may ask would the one who is receiving the slaps be entitled to more criticisms if he or she is over-slapped? Certainly what the Minister wanted his people to know is that he will fully support any NDC member who beats up any critic of the government. Hahahaha, this is the most ridiculous and infantile statement that I have heard in decades thus this kind of statement should have being made by a teenage bully.

In fact if I may be permitted to ask; did the Minister smoke something before speaking or was he drank when he was speaking? And who told the minister that a slap would stop some of us from talking. Well, if he is not aware that the slap would even be an incentive for us to chastise his government like never before, the earlier he gets this into his head the better. Indeed what he said was an insult and someone should have being swift enough to give him at least two dirty slaps and I think that would have woken him up from his schizophrenic mood. Therefore if there is anybody who needs some dirty slaps then it is either him or Koku Anyindoho or better still both of them because they are the ones who are making insults a trademark of their speeches.

These and many other pronouncements are ways by which some government officials and many NDC supporters are calling for a divisive country yet we have a President who calls himself “Asomdwehene” [i.e. King of Peace]. How can a President who claims to be a man of peace allow his men to be preaching the words of war under his own roof? Hmmh, is Agya-Atta so drunk with the “castle tea” that he cannot hear what is going on in Ghana or is he the one behind the actions of these people who continue to bombard us with insults and ridiculous threats or is he afraid to call his own men to order? I don’t get it at all thus is Agya-Atta really in charge or not? For now, all I can say is that Agya-Atta is either a coward or a hypocrite if he does not sack Koku Anyindoho and Kofi Poku Manu as soon as possible.

Credit: Obibinii Paa-Kwasi [The Chalant “Atiglinyi” email [email protected]

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