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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Editorial: Stinking to high heavens


We have had good reason to publish a number of stories about the malfeasance in the disposal of confiscated vehicles by the Castle-controlled committee charged with the responsibility.

These stories have as usual been subjected to a motley of efforts to rubbish them and thereby ridicule us.

This is not the first time that we have gone through such ordeals. In all such situations, we have remained resilient, confident that the truth shall come out someday.

We are pleased to note however that even after rubbishing the stories, the authorities at the Castle have taken steps to, as it were, rid the committee of two persons whose names have dragged the name of government in the mud even though Mr. Alex Segbefia denies this.

His allusion to the bad press generated by media reports for the committee and government, which he said did inform the adoption of certain decisions, sounded a bit ironic.

There is no doubt that Carl Wilson’s records have come under the scrutiny of some personalities at the Castle even as his godfather, Alex Segbefia, seeks to downplay this.

We have heard about the various efforts by the Deputy Chief of Staff to protect his boy, Carl Wilson, one of which is the incessant radio station interventions anytime a negative story appears in the newspapers.

One of such efforts was a spirited demand of Daily Guide to provide evidence that Carl Wilson has been relieved of his post. Such effort is to be expected of someone who said that there is nothing wrong with the stewardship of Carl Wilson, a man he planted as Chairman of the confiscated vehicles disposal committee.

His remark, “I do not work with rumours or conjectures”, resonated across the airwaves when he uttered it.

Must such a man refuse putting up a fight when Carl Wilson is drowning, as being manifested?

We have credible information that the reports we presented to our readers was only a tip of the iceberg of malfeasance which is being perpetrated with the connivance of top guns at government house.
We can report that the management and disposal of confiscated vehicles is stinking to the heavens and we would release the details therein at the appropriate time.

We are watching with eagle eyes the activities of the Castle syndicate who are benefiting from the impropriety monetarily.

Equally operative at the corridors of power is another group which works on stolen cars through a complex system with some selected car dealership in town.

So complex is the modus operandi of the syndicate that ordinary observation without the necessary expertise would be a futile venture.

We are pleased to learn that Mr. Alex Segbefia confirmed the action that has been taken against Carl Wilson’s deputy following his drawing of a weapon recently.

His quick explanation that he did not seek to deny that Carl Wilson’s deputy pulled a gun speaks volumes about the growing impunity at some government agencies.

If government is considering the veracity or otherwise of negative publicity prompted by the allegations against Carl Wilson, all we can do is assure Ghanaians that we shall perform our role as sentinels and report accordingly.

We refer Ghanaians to the point by Alex Segbefia that although Carl Wilson is still at post, government is contemplating whether or not to maintain him. We shall return to this subject in due course.

Credit: Daily Guide/Ghana

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