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Editorial: New Year, new resolutions


President John Evans Atta Mills, in his New Year message to Ghanaians, described the year 2009 as “one of the most critical in the history of Ghana.” Last year was variously termed as a challenging one for all Ghanaians.

It was a year when Ghana’s democratic practice was stretched to its limit, after we had come out of an election with the narrowest of margins, as the chaotic transitional period was filled with suspicion and vindictiveness.

It was also a year in which most of the projected targets in the 2009 financial year were not achieved. For us at The Chronicle, we hope the year 2010 will hold good and promising prospects.

As the President assured all Ghanaians in his End of Year message: “I am more than convinced that in 2010, our ability to move the country in the right direction is going to be greatly enhanced. We certainly would be in a better position to provide jobs for our people, we will invest in our people, we will expand infrastructure, and we will expand the frontiers of democracy and freedom to provide comprehensive security to all Ghanaians.”

The Vice President, John Dramani Mahama, was also reported to have confessed that 2009 had been a challenging year, and has promised that 2010 and subsequent years would be better.

From the assurances made by the President and his Vice, 2010 must be a year in which Ghanaians should gird their loins and lubricate the industrial wheel for the needed growth and development.

The New Year is a time to celebrate a new beginning, and to hope that a new sense of decency and decorum would be injected into our way of doing politics in our part of the world.

For us at The Chronicle, we would continue to put the government on its toes, by being the watch-dog of the political democracy. We pledge to play our role with honesty and sincerity, and to be fair and firm in the discharge of our duty to the people of Ghana.

As the Fourth Pillar of the State, we would regulate the conduct of our society and its members, in order to benefit the nation’s growth and development.

As the Ghana National Anthem states: May the Almighty God bless our homeland Ghana, and make us bold in the defence of the cause of freedom and of right, and to display fearless honesty in the discharge of our functions.

This is our resolution for the year.

The Chronicle wishes our cherished readers and all Ghanaians, a prosperous and fulfilling new year.

Credit: Chronicle/Ghana

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