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Editorial: Enter 2010


This is our maiden edition of 2010 and as we hit the newsstands after an unusually long break, during which we undertook the routine servicing of our equipment, we cannot help doffing our hats in deference to our highly esteemed readership whose support in the past year contributed

immensely towards our operations. Our readers have stuck with us through the turbulent times and as we tread gingerly in the early days of the New Year, we wish to count on their unalloyed support in the months to come. With this support, we can continue to feed this wonderful readership and our country with veracious news, with the interest of Ghana at heart, no matter whose ox is gored.

We are happy to note, albeit with utmost humility, that we too have impacted positively towards the political and economic development of our country. We might not have pleased everybody in our operations but that is to be expected in all human enterprises.

We do not pretend to be perfect or even know everything. Such a pretense would be playing God, which mortal beings like us should not venture.

Suffice it to state however that like actors on the stage of life, all we seek to do is play our part the best way we can in all sincerity, with the fear of God as our pivot.

We seek to defend democracy as much as we can and hold at bay dictatorship and oppressors’ rule. These two vices unfortunately abound in our dear country even as some of our compatriots think otherwise.

The nostalgia for the bad old days of military juntas running the affairs of this country has driven some elements to untoward behaviours of late. The indecorous behaviour of these elements has not surprised us because like leopards, evil-minded persons would continue to ply their devilish machinations even among persons with whom they are supposed to share similar political persuasions and dreams.

Like angry children in the China shop, they seek to destroy everything in their fit of rage because they cannot have their way. We won’t allow them to have their way for the sake of our country, as we count on the support of our compatriots.

For us, the national interest is paramount and we would not leave any stone unturned towards the protection of this.

The knell of a passed day has already sounded, signaling the end of an era of dictators whose ranting would only pass nothing but boring political entertainment.

The past year was without doubt a turbulent one, politically and economically. Even the uninitiated macro-economist appreciated the enormity of our situation as a country. It is gratifying to note that Vice President John Dramani Mahama subtly acknowledged the worrying economic trend when he assured his compatriots that 2010 would be different. We wish so as we keep vigil on the observation post of politics and economics.

If only wishes were horses, we would have mounted them, whips ready as we look forward to the wonderful Utopian days ahead as promised by the Vice President.

We on our part can only wish our compatriots, especially our loyal readers, a prosperous New Year in which they would be protected against negative variations in life. Happy and comfortable 2010.

Credit: Daily Guide/Ghana

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