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NDC should set up party development funds


NDC LogoDr Asamoa-Tutu, aspiring National Chairman of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) on Wednesday proposed a special party development tariff to be paid by the Executive and parliamentarians to strengthen the party machinery for Elections 2012.

He explained that the President and Vice President should contribute 10 per cent of their monthly income to the fund and NDC Members of Parliament (MPs), Ministers of State and their Deputies, Ambassadors, District/Municipal Chief Executives (DCEs/MCEs) and other office holders, five per cent.

Dr Asamoa-Tutu said government appointees at the local governance levels and functionaries should contribute three per cent of their monthly income to the fund, which should be augmented by monthly dues.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in Accra on his campaign theme; “Building and Winning Elections 2012,” Dr Asamoa-Tutu said funds mobilisation, strengthening of the party structures, and empowering all party functionaries and organs from the ward levels through the constituencies to the national must be pursued with all urgency.

He expressed the need for “National Development Funds and Regional Development Funds – contributions from the presidency; Minister of States and their Deputies; and Ambassadors would go into the national funds”.

“Whilst contributions from Political Office holders, NDC MPs, DCEs, MCEs and Government Appointees would go directly into the regional funds, the region will retain 30 per cent and disburse the remaining 70 per cent among the constituencies.”

The National Chairman aspirants reminded all functionaries that “whatever governmental position they occupy…you are there on the strength of the party, therefore as you climb up, the structures must be supported to build a solid operational system”.

He therefore called on the delegates to vote for him massively to oil the party machinery.

“Under my leadership, all the regional offices would be linked directly to the national office whilst at the regional level all constituencies would be linked together.

“Such a link-up would ensure that we utilise resources and marshal our foot solders across the nation for campaign and party education.”

Dr Asamoa-Tutu described himself as a compromise candidate capable of eliminating intra and inter party antagonism, a disposition essential to attract floating voters.

“I stand out among the lot as the most affable, politically mature, with an unblemished reputation both in private and in public life, internationally exposed and highly connected, high diplomatic negotiation skills and ability to work with every Ghanaian irrespective of one’s political background.”

He said NDC must reduce intra party antagonism, bickering and any negative tendencies that had the potential of derailing the party’s quest to retain power by electing a National Chairman with the ability to calm the anxieties of losing candidates and their supporters.

Dr Asamoa-Tutu urged NDC executives, potential delegates, foot soldiers and supporters to maintain high level of decorum as they are bombarded daily with messages from aspirants in an attempt to woo their votes.

“Am into the contest to fix it all, I have done it before and I have the capacity to mend the party. There is no denying the fact that the quality of leadership that I will offer would directly influence the NDC’s success in Elections 2012 and beyond,” he said.

He said an important function of political leadership was to inspire the rank and file to greater achievements so as to gain competitive advantage over opponents in the political field.

Dr Asamoa-Tutu said NDC delegates must elect a National Chairman who had the capacity to transform the party and cautioned party members to watch out for attempts that might be made to cause friction among delegates in the last days of campaigning for the January congress.

“As the congress draws nearer some self-seeking politicians both within and outside, in collaboration with some media practitioners, are bent on discrediting the congress by peddling falsehood in the media against some of the aspirants.

“We must be vigilant, protect the integrity of the NDC political tradition and ensure that we come out of congress more united for the bigger battle ahead in Elections 2012,” Dr Asamoa-Tutu stated.

He said any “untoward action or inaction emanating from the congress would be difficult to manage as a party in government and appealed to the delegates to elect him as the National Chairman”.

Source: GNA

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