Hilarious video precedes T.W.O’s new album

Tunde and Wunmi ObeWhen celebrated showbiz couple Tunde and Wunmi Obe told fans, friends and foes that they were not quitting music yet, it was not just a case of trying to clear the air.  Their new single, Zombie, which was released in August “was the beginning of a series

of fresh materials to come,” according to Tunde Obe.

Two weeks after, Zombie’s video followed, and now they have released a new song and video “Fine Bara”.
A satiric and hilarious video laced with humor, “Fine Bara” tells a story of a corporate beggar. “All we were just trying to do was tell the usual story that happens around. These days, there are lots of techniques used by people to extort money from people,” Tunde Obe says.

Directed by Clarence Peters in Lagos, Nigeria, Fine Bara is a comic glance at the usual happenings of beggars in Lagos, and while many will be lost in the amusing contents of the video, the message is not lost.

The video debuted at 7 on the NET top 7 video chart this week. Their fifth album “TWO Legit” is expected to follow.