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AFAG lauds Mills for Bill


President John MillsThe Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) has congratulated President J.E.A Mills and his Cabinet for approving the Right to Information Bill for onward transmission to Parliament for debate and passage.

“AFAG see the initiative as positive and urge the Government to continue the good work started by its predecessor,” it stated.

The statement indicated however that even though AFAG had expected the approval much sooner, considering the bill’s significance to national development aspirations, it nevertheless, was happy that the approval was a giant step closer to a freedom of information law.

It said Article 21 (1) (f) of the 1992 Constitution provided for “individuals right to information” which is subject to such qualification and laws as are necessary.

The fact that Cabinet had approved the bill awaiting parliamentary and presidential accent, add up to the fact that Ghana’s democracy will be the envy of at least Africa.

This gesture, AFAG believed, would foster transparency and accountability in public affairs.

AFAG also noted with satisfaction the Attorney-General’s launch of investigations into the alleged disappearance of funds from an Account of the Local Organising Committee of the “Ghana 2008”, African Cup of Nation’s Tournament.

We hope all the persons connected to the investigations will freely co-operate with a fair process to determine the whereabouts of the said funds, the statement said.

In the long-term, AFAG stated, a full and thorough review of the processes and procedures of our nation’s sports administration were necessary to rid it of the unenviable notoriety for scandal.

In AFAG’s view, the sports sector was too important to be left to its own devices and this recent scandal, being the third major scandal, after the Muntaka affair and the hearing impaired football competition in Australia, is one too many.

AFAG urged the Government to deal with all findings within the emblems of the law irrespective of political colouration.

Source Daily Graphic

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