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Kwame Addo Rejects NDC


Dan AbodakpiKWAME ADDO, a businessman and a former board Chairman of the National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI) who according to Dan Abodakpi, a kingpin of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), is the preferred man for its Volta Regional Chairmanship has said he is not ready for the position.

According to him, he has never even dreamt of it before and no one even consulted him on the issue. He added that he was therefore surprised when he read in sections of the media that Mr. Abodakpi had asked Kwesi Aboagye, the Volta Regional Vice Chairman and former Deputy Volta Regional Minister, to step down to make way for him (Mr. Addo), saying it is not even fair to the democratic growth of the party.

The soft-spoken Mr. Addo explained to DAILY GUIDE in a telephone interview that he was taken aback when he read that someone had been asked to step down because of him, adding that he does not think he will be ever interested. “My brother, if I had an interest you would have seen me moving round as some are doing, but I am not”, he emphasized.

He revealed that what really put him off was the fact that someone had been asked to step down for him: “If it were by acclamation, then fine, but not for any one to step down for me, that is what really put me off”.

DAILY GUIDE had reported that there was simmering tension within the rank and file of the Volta Regional NDC when Mr. Abodakpi, during the Regional Executive Committee Special Meeting, asked Kwesi Aboagye, who is also the NDC Regional Vice Chairman, to rescind his decision to contest for the position of the Regional Chairman because Mr. Kwame Addo is the preferred man of the national head office.

Mr. Abodakpi, when contacted via phone, initially told this paper that his alleged request for Mr. Aboagye to step down was not true. However, when he was pressed further with evidence that supported the allegation, and the fact that Mr. Aboagye himself confirmed it, he said it was very irresponsible for the Former Deputy regional Minister to have confirmed such information to the press.

“If he told you that then I have to confront him, it is supposed to just be between the two of us. As a part of procedures we are supposed to do consultation, and meeting him is part of the procedures. If he has told you that then that is an act of indiscipline, why should he disclose what a senior member of the party has discussed with him to the press?

“For him to have confirmed to the press what I personally discussed with him I am surprised and hurt that Mr. Aboagye who we thought is one of the responsible elders of the party has done that.

“He is acting irresponsibly if he confirmed to you to that effect. It is not fair to the party and is not even fair to himself”, he fumed.

According to him, as a party there are internal procedures to ensure they elect someone who can effectively run affairs in the region, and that is exactly what they are doing. He expressed sadness that an internal party issue has been disclosed to the media.

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