Confidence will not do cheap publicity… Edem wants peace

ConfidenceConfidence says she is not ready to give Ayigbe Edem and his Last Two crew the cheap publicity they want. She said in an exclusive interview that “I have not accused Edem of stealing my phone because I trusted him”

She said that “I would have asked the police to pick him up if I thought he stole my phone”. She accused Hammer of brain washing Ayigbe Edem and making him his doll.

At the press conference of this issue, Ayigbe Edem said “Confidence is a beautiful person and a very responsible woman”. He told a high profile press on Friday that he hopes that “This will close the chapter on this issue”.

In his brief statement, he disclosed that he and Confidence had an intimate relationship that lasted for 8 month. “Things did

not turn-out well and both of us had to go our separate ways”.

“The integrity of both of us must be respected. She is a nice person and I respect her a lot”, he said.

“She did not accuse me of stealing her phone and two days after the phone got lost she even threw a big birthday party for me at the old Aphrodisiac night club”. He stated.

He said later in September this year, when the relationship got sour, he saw on her page on Facebook that “Edem has stolen my phone”. According to him, he believes that this was as a result of the break-up.

Meanwhile Confidence has denied writing any such thing on Facebook and expressed surprise about how the phone issue got public.

On Friday night, the Communication Director of Last Two, Gregory Asante was spotted at Confidence’s new Aphrodisiac night club having talks with her.

She later went on that “he came to beg me to drop the issue, but I simply told him they started and I am not going to play a long with along. I have a new night club I’m trying to market and I will not allow anyone to distract me”.

By ghanamusic