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Konadu fights in Spio-Garbrah’s corner, eyes NDC executive post


Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings dancing with some members of the 31st DWM at a recent eventFormer First Lady Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, wife of ex- president Jerry Rawlings, has declared her desire to vie for the first vice-chairmanship position of the ruling National Democratic Congress party.

The NDC goes to congress in December to elect party leaders, and the former first lady, whose husband founded the ruling party, says if voted for, she intends to use the office to help better organize the party and to build stronger unity.

She told journalists from Citi FM that the party was founded on social democratic principles of catering for the needs of the needy and vulnerable in the society, as well as rural development. It is also used to taking care of its members.

However since the party returned to power some 10 months ago, she has been inundated with consultations, largely complaints, from despondent members of the party and she wondered why they would choose to go to her rather than party officers for redress.

This situation, she said, is contrary to the principles upon which the party was founded, and her position in the executive, would position her to espouse those principles and ideals to help steer affairs more successfully.

Relating her relationship with the party to a mother and child situation, she said having been part of the party’s foundation, she cannot sit idle when things are not going on well and she would be glad for the position to help build a stronger party, adding she would want to do more than just helping members of the 31st December Movement, of which she is president.

Nana Konadu said her husband’s right to comment on goings on in the party and government cannot be questioned and advised the party to embrace constructive criticism.

She was responding to concerns in the party about the positioning of her husband, Jerry Rawlings and Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, who have openly criticized the Mills administration over its performance, and have in turn been lambasted by party officials. In the case of Spio-Garbrah, he has been referred to the party’s disciplinary committee.

“My husband is the founder of the party. It rests on his shoulders…He made it possible for President Mills to be our candidate for three times. He talked to people and convinced them and so on…because all the regions were coming and saying choose another candidate and as a founder he said look, give him another chance…”

Nana Konadu said she has read Spio-Garbrah’s article (for which certain officials want him flayed) and thought it contained constructive criticism for the wellbeing of the party, explaining that there have been occasions when party leaders have been insulted by party members yet no one calls them to order.

Story by Isaac Yeboah/Myjoyonline.com/Ghana

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