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Jon Germain Launches Album Soon


Jon GermainAFTER GRIPPING the nation by divulging news of his readiness to dole out an album, Metropolitan TV host of Allo TIGO, Jon Germain, is set to release his album this month. 

Jon told BEATWAVES on Monday that he will be launching his album, ‘This Is Who I Am’, on November 28 with an autograph-signing and photograph session at the Silverbird Store in the Accra Mall.

Ahead of the event, which promises to be a bang, he will also release a music video for a single on the album on November 16.

Jon’s album has been in the works since 1993, after he broke away from a group called MGKK 4 in Ghana and another group in the UK called Van Greene.

His formative years as an artiste were shaped by listening to a lot of Pop, Rock and R&B music, which were his father’s favourite genres.

He has been writing songs since he was 12 years old and wrote songs for both MGKK and Van Greene.

His musical influences are Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Bruce Hornsby, Richard Marx, Peter Cetera, Frankie Paul and Michael Bolton.

“I have always been in music. I think the question should have been why I got into radio and TV, because TV and Radio are by accident. If most people can remember, it was music first. I mean if you ask Azigiza, he will tell you.

Azigiza had me on his show when I used to sing in the group. If you ask KDD, he will tell you I sing. If ask Reggie Rockstone, I used to perform when he first arrived in Ghana.

Radio and TV came as an accident. Music is really me, that is why the album’s title is ‘This Is Who I Am’. Music is not new to me”, he said.

Described as pop rock with subtle traces of sultry rhythm and blues, the songs on the album are all based on emotions.

“Songs on this album are based on past relationships, hard times, the shocking passing away of my father and the women I loved.

My songs are meant to make music lovers fall in love, make them believe in love and help them get through the hard times in life”.

The album features J Town (Emcee Africa 2008 1st Runner up) and Jayso. It has tracks like In my head (first single), Can’t explain and Quiver, among others.

By Francis Addo

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