Veep Cautions Religious Leaders

VICE President, John Dramani MahamaVICE PRESIDENT John Dramani Mahama on Sunday urged religious and civil society groups to be consistent defenders of ethical values in the country and by so doing maintain their credibility.

He said civil society must not keep mute over the infractions of one regime while becoming vociferous during another administration, as this could tarnish their credibility.

“Evil is evil wherever it is found, and good is good no matter who is involved”, observed the Vice President, adding that institutions deemed as the conscience of society must not selectively pick on one government while ignoring the perceived misconduct of another.

The Vice President was speaking at the first general assembly and thanksgiving service of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana, at the Dela Cathedral at Ho.

The occasion was also used to ordain twenty-three pastors for the church after having served their mandatory two-year probation period.

Vice President Mahama said it not good enough for the same people who kept a blind eye over the misdeeds of one government to suddenly become vocal critics of another just because there has been a regime change, saying the same yardstick should apply irrespective of which entity is in power.

“You must not sleep sometimes and be awake sometimes”, noting that the ideal thing for such organizations to do is to be, “consistent defenders of truth and justice”, he added.

He said such principled stances will enable Ghana to avoid the kind of strife other African nations were facing, owing to their failure to separate good from evil.

Vice President Mahama asked churches not to relent in partnering the government to offer divinely inspired leadership which would instill in the people a higher sense of morality than was the situation currently. He therefore commended the E.P. Church for its role in that regard.

Mr. Mahama said the NDC government would help develop a model of democracy which subsists on principled and selfless leadership as opposed to arrogant leadership.

He added that the government intended to make the people the sole object of its activities to promote a more beneficent society that cares for the needs of the weak and the vulnerable.

Touching on the economy, Vice President Mahama said the NDC had chalked modest success in restoring its vitality, although some challenges remained.

He said a mid-year review of the budget, which was to be presented to parliament on Tuesday, would outline additional measures being implemented by government to consolidate the gains so far chalked.

He said despite the efforts of critics to cast doubt on the ability of President J.E.A. Mills to deliver on his campaign promises, resolute measures have been taken to move the development agenda of the country forward in a positive direction.

“President Mills smiles at the storm because Jesus is with him”, he said.

The Vice President assured the leadership of the church of plans by the government to support the E.P. University College to enable it play its expected role as an agent in the human resource development of the country.

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the E.P. Church, Right Reverend Francis Amenu, who delivered a sermon on the theme: “Newness in Christ”, exhorted Ghanaians to be each other’s keeper and to support programmes that encourage tolerance and understanding among the country’s diverse ethnic groupings.

Rev. Amenu spoke against acts of indiscipline in the country and called for a concerted effort in curbing them.