Kufuor Bodyguards Sacked

The wind of dismissals which has featured prominently in the country’s public workplaces in the past few months is yet to end, having swept away 20 security guards of former President John Agyekum Kufuor in its latest bout a few days ago.

The National Security Coordinator, Lt. Col. Larry Gbevlo-Lartey (rtd), through his deputy, has terminated the appointments of 20 bodyguards of the former President with no reason except that their services are no longer needed, starting from the end of this month. 

The 20 dismissed security guards who are public servants that report directly to the National Security Council Secretariat, joined a horde of their colleagues who have already been shown the exit since the incumbent government assumed power.

This batch of Ghanaians to lose their source of daily bread were part of a 200-man security detail engaged since 2001 when the erstwhile Kufuor government took over power from ex-President Jerry John Rawlings.

Their letters of disengagement followed the usual pattern of informing them that their services would no longer be needed.

In accordance with the conditions of their appointment, they are to cease holding themselves in their current capacity from 31st August 2009 but are entitled to a three-month salary in lieu of notice.

The President and the National Security Coordinator conveyed to the affected persons gratitude for what they ironically described as their appreciation for their dedicated and loyal service.

The strings of dismissals were preceded by an exhaustive interview of personnel with particular attention to those engaged in 2001.

The interviewing session sent shivers down the spines of the interviewees who saw the exercise as a prelude to their dismissal.

One of the affected persons, a senior officer currently residing in Kumasi, has taken the National Security Council to court for breaching the terms of his appointment.

Having once remarked that he would ensure that former President Kufuor is stripped of all state paraphernalia, Lt. Col. Gbevlo-Lartey (rtd), the National Security Coordinator, appears to be on the verge of achieving his objectives having taken possession of all state cars in his custody.

The National Security Coordinator turned his attention to the office accommodation of the former President at Osu upon stripping him of the cars, creating a noisy furore on the political terrain.

Eventually he succeeded in taking over the office which he claimed was a safe house for the National Security apparatus.

The promises of restoring more appropriate alternative privileges to the former president, befitting his status as stated by government, are yet to be made good.

The latest bout of dismissals against the backdrop of unfulfilled promises to the former President would without doubt be subjected a mixed bag of reactions.

One school of thought considers the strings of usurpations as an attempt to vary Mr. Kufuor’s lifestyle outside presidency, a condition inconsistent with the spirit of the constitution.
Pro-government elements on the other hand think otherwise.

By A.R. Gomda