Tuff love for Richie

Richard Mensah of Lynx Entertainment, simply known as RichiRichard Mensah of Lynx Entertainment, simply known as Richie, has been under the critical lenses of many for producing beats that have been termed as floozy and fluky. Some forums have hinted that Richie’s beat are over- sampled and most of them sound the same but the ‘hit maker’ has always defended his style, and continues to front the emerging sound that is loved by many Ghanaian youths.

Last weekend, at the Stars of the Future season 4 finale, it was a bit of tough love for the young producer when Judges Kik Banson and Zapp Mallet sort to imply that his productions lack maturity. Richie produced the beats for a song composed by Christian, one of the contestants. The highlife track was well written and sounded real good but lacked some basic elements of proper highlife music; in particular was the missing acoustics in the accompanying beat.

The judges were quick to voice their opinions on the track. Zapp said he wished there was more acoustics in the sound and Kiki said he wished the production was a bit more matured.