Baby Trafficker Busted

Parllarze Yormiego, aka Salamatu SulemanaA thirty-two-year-old woman who approached expectant and breast feeding mothers with the intention of buying their babies has been arrested by the Railways Police.

Parllarze Yormiego, aka Salamatu Sulemana, who claimed to be half Ghanaian and half Burkinabe, disguised herself as a pregnant woman and approached four young street women who lived at Railways near Kantamanto in Accra Central in a bid to convince them to exchange their children for money ranging from GH¢40 to GH¢100.

She was arrested by a Good Samaritan, Nicholas Adjei, who overheard her transacting with one young woman over a possibile sale of her child and alerted the police who picked and detained her.

Salamatu, who had told her potential victims that she was in a business of helping poor parents to care for their wards by buying the children and sending them abroad, told the young women that she was also expectant.

However, a search on her at the police station revealed that she had stuffed her tummy with rags which she put in a net-like scarf and tied to her belly, making her appear like a pregnant woman.

According to the District Police Commander, DSP Daniel Asong Dankyi, Salamatu was brought in as a pregnant woman but upon interrogation, it was revealed that the pregnancy was a fake.

One of the purported victims, Akua Serwaa, 19, who is nine-month old pregnant told DAILY GUIDE that the accused, in the company of one man, approached her a few weeks ago one fateful day at about 8:00pm while she was sleeping at the yard of the Railways Station.

She called her aside and introduced herself that she worked with some white men in a company that bought babies. Her mission there that night, was to search for pregnant women whom she would care for until they put to bed.

She would then give her an amount of GH¢100 if she agreed to the pact and gave her baby to her on the very day of delivery. 

Thereafter, Salamatu started remitting Akua of various sums of money ranging from GH¢3 to GH¢5 for the past three weeks.

She later bought two baby dress and two pieces of calico to wrap the baby.

She indicated that since she would pick the baby on the day of delivery, there was no need to give Akua more clothes because she would buy more dresses for the baby when she took it home.

She indicated that when the child is taken abroad, the mother would be granted the opportunity to see the photograph of the child only after six years, adding she the mother would also be given acapital to trade.

But any of them who failed to comply to the pact, after enjoying her money, would be cursed with a dreaded deity which would strike her to dead.

Lydia Adwoa Appiah, 21, who has a three-month old baby, was also approached by Salamatu who indicated that she had even bought four children and was in a hurry to pick one other at Kole-Bu Teaching Hospital.

Salamatu said she would revisit Adwoa on August 26, 2009 in the company of two men to take her baby away in exchange of GH¢100.

Adwoa said she was frightened and told a friend about Salamatu’s intention.

Regina Nana Adwoa Arthur, 24, who has a month old baby, was also approached with an offer of GH¢60 in exchange of her son while Janet Mame Abena Timaa, 19, with a three-month old baby was also approached with an offer of GH¢100 in exchange of her daughter.

Adwoa Arthur said she was approached while she was with a traditional birth attendant by Salamatu who insisted to pay her bills and have her baby and as well give her GH¢60, but she blatantly refused.

Meanwhile, Salamatu who dressed like a Muslim married woman, spoke very fluent ewe but insisted she was a Burkinabe who only schooled at Ho, the capital of the Volta Region.

She told the police during interrogation that she had a child from her previous marriage but since she re-married some six years ago, she had not been able to conceive, a situation that has resulted in the near collapse of her marriage.

She therefore feigned the pregnancy in order to save her marriage.

She indicated that she had informed her husband who had traveled out of the country that she was eight months pregnant with the intention that she would buy the baby of Serwaa and act as though she had delivered before her husband returned from his trip abroad.

The girls said they were scared that their children could be used for sakawa rituals since rumours of such stories were all over their residence.

“I do not understand why she does not like children of six months and above but only day-old babies to three months old,” said Lydia

By Rocklyn Antonio