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Kotoko-Ashgold in ugly clash


The precinct of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) nearly turned into a “boxing arena” following a heated clash between officials of Kotoko and AshGold.

The near fight emanated from dissatisfaction by one of the parties following a Disciplinary Committee hearing involving the regional soccer rivals.

The heated exchanges, a replica of “incidents” during matches between the two clubs attracted persons within and around as it served as an anticlimax for a venue that has fair play, peace and unity among its guiding principles.

The case was borne out of incidents during the Ashgold-Kotoko Week 29 Glo Premier League, played on Sunday, July 12 at the Len Clay Stadium in Obuasi.

Ashgold won the encounter 2-1 with the game characterised by the firing of teargas by the Police and consistent hold-ups due to crowd troubles at the stadium by followers of the clubs.

Mrs Helena Cobbina (Rtd) a member of the Interim Management Committee (IMC) of Asante Kotoko openly expressed her displeasure at the Disciplinary Committee (DC) after the hearing as it remained silent on the assault of Kotoko officials during the game.

She poured her feelings at that despite listing the assault on Kotoko officials as part their case, but surprisingly it was no where to be found when the Committee called up the case.

“The GFA Deputy General Secretary, Kweku Ampim Darko who was the Match Commissioner failed to record those incidents in his report. After including them in our letter, it was surprisingly left out of the case,” he noted.

Mrs Cobbina said that she suspects foul play as some officials of the GFA are bent on covering up for the bad deeds of Ashantigold, while casting a slur on the neutrality of the soccer governing body.

“The GFA is biased. They’re out to favour some clubs,” she yelled in the local twi language. Look at what they have done to my Mark and Spencer Watch and my mobile phone. I brought them as evidence only for the DC not to make mention of it.

“They are telling us that Kotoko can also beat Ashgold officials next time and go scot-free.” Mrs Cobbina swore in the full glare of all that she would ensure that Ashgold officials suffer same whenever they visit the Baba Yara Stadium in Kumasi.
Kudjo Fianoo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ashgold then suddenly emerged unto the scene and soon the heated exchanges between the two officials arose to retort.

“Is Kotoko the only club in Ghana? Whenever Kotoko lose a game, there is something wrong,” Fianoo fumed upon entry onto the scene.
The two ‘respected’ football personalities hurled insults at each other in the full glare of all before it took the intervention of some onlookers and other club officials to calm down nerves and separate the two officials.
As tempers appeared to have cooled down, the driver of Mrs Cobbina in a typical ‘Hollywood style’ jumped out of his car and pursued Fianoo, only to be halted by the onlookers.

Attempts by the GNA Sports to contact any official of the Disciplinary Committee for explanations about the Obuasi incident proved fruitless.
Despite the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu being their Life Patron, the two Clubs are known for one of the bitterest rivalries in Ghana football and matches between them at any level are always tension-packed with traits of violence.

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