Massive Security For Obama

Policemen ready for the task aheadSecurity will be beefed up in Accra and Cape Coast to oversee crowd control, traffic concerns and general security during today’s visit of US President Barack Obama.

And as part of preparations for the task ahead, hundreds of policemen and women converged on the National Police Training Centre in Accra yesterday to take final directives from the hierarchy.

Speaking to personnel gathered, the Director-General of Police Operations, DCOP John Kudalor, urged the men and women to be vigilant, professional and prove to be up to the task by going strictly by the contingency plan in place.

He boosted the morale of personnel when he reminded them that security needs to be seen as part of the success story of the historic visit.

He also appealed to motorists to cooperate with security agencies and bear with them for any inconveniences that their operations might cause.

Speaking to the media later in the day, DSP Kwesi Ofori said the entire operation is an inter-agency one that will involve other sister agencies.

“We’re playing a complementary role with the American security, and we want it to be seen as such,” he told DAILY GUIDE.

Police patrols across the country had since Wednesday taken a feverish pitch ahead of today’s visit, particularly along the Accra-Cape Coast corridor.

Ceremonial routes in Accra including Liberation Road, Independence Avenue, 28th February Road and Castle Road will be cleared of all other traffic when the President’s motorcade will be using the route.

Police say motorists wishing to use those roads will be diverted onto the Kanda Highway.

In a related development, the Commissioner of the Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU), APC Daniel Julius Avorga, has told DAILY GUIDE that increased police presence is needed to ensure the safety of President Obama and his team as well as the many Ghanaians who will come out to meet him.

By Salim Y. Fari