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Noyam Dancers at Alliance Francaise


Akwesi Addotey exhibiting his dancing skillsDancers and students from the Noyam African Dance Institute in Dodowa, near Accra, are set to mesmerize dance lovers at the Alliance Francaise in Accra on Wednesday, June 24 with a classic piece dubbed “Power of Dance”.

The performance, which will include three dancers from Raiz di Polon, a dance group based in the Cape Verdean Capital Praia, is the result of an exchange programme sponsored by Mundial Productions, a

cultural outfit based in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

“Power of Dance” is a fusion of neo traditional and contemporary movements from Ghana and Cape Verde that seeks to unravel the latent power of dance in education, sensitization, awareness creation and above all, the peaceful coexistence of diverse cultures.

With a mixture of subtle and vigorous movements, the hour-long piece captures the imagination of viewers with fast flowing scenes and expressive moves that point out the beauty of all cultures and the need for respect and tolerance after encounters with other traditions and beliefs.

Choreographed by Prof. F. Nii Yartey with assistance from Joshua Trebi, who is currently based in Tilburg, Holland, “Power of Dance” equally examines the aesthetic magnificence of cross cultural collaborations and its ability to heal wounds while bringing together people from various traditions.

Accompanied by loud and restrained drumming as well as recorded music, the young dancers often move in sequences interspersing their moves with refreshing solos both from the Ghanaians and the Cape Verdeans.

Established by Prof. F. Nii Yartey, Noyam derives its dance techniques and methodology from movement characteristics, aesthetic qualities and the philosophy of African dance traditions as well as the enormous movements and rhythmic resources available in various communities throughout Ghana.

Noyam is a member of United Cultures for Development Network, a group of cultural organizations from four continents. Sponsored by Mundial Productions, the network among others aims at promoting entrepreneurial skills among arts associations and groups to ensure financial security and the use of culture as a tool for development. 
Alliance Francaise in collaboration with the French Embassy in Accra is sponsoring the performance.

By George Clifford Owusu

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