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Celebrity marriages


Eucharia AnunobiFrom Hollywood to Nollywood the story is the same. From the moment celebrities seem to show the barest ‘crush’ on each other the media circus has begun. Their marriages, unlike others, are usually accompanied with pomp and pageantry that are almost fairytale-like.

From the rings, the wedding-gowns to the honeymoons in the most exotic of places they seem like heaven meant to glitter throughout eternity. However, the bubble came to burst so fast one wonders if the couple were actually in

their orbits when they went all out to profess love for each other.

Though, many marriages get to break these days but for the celebrities it seems to be the very foundation on which it was built. Haven’t we seen the love-birds, so perfect, so good together you thought nothing could go wrong only to read they are heading for the divorce courts. Most times becoming sworn enemies who would do

anything to cut each other’s throat. Whether in Hollywood or in Nollywood the list is endless.

Eucharia Anunobi’s bombshell

It was a bombshell last Thursday, when top actress, Eucharia Anunobi spilled the beans as she told a High Court, sitting in Ikeja how her husband, Charles Ekwu allegedly slept several times with their 13-year-old housemaid in their matrimonial home.

Report had it that Eucharia levelled this allegation while giving evidence in a divorce suit she instituted against her husband before the court on grounds of infidelity, lack of care and abandonment.

The suit was said to have been filed since 2007, but had suffered several setbacks until Thursday when trial commenced. Eucharia, while being led in evidence by her lawyer, Michael Nwana, narrated to the court in tears how her husband slept with their 13-year-old housemaid, beat her up severally and refused to take care of their children.

According to Eucharia, she had been living happily with her husband until 2006, when she caught him having sex with their housemaid. She further told the court, “ we got married in December 2000 but have been living apart since 2006 when Charles started sleeping with our housemaid.

When I discovered the incident, he was ruffled and decided to move out. Our children have not seen him since then and he has not shown concern for their upbringing.” Eucharia also alleged that her husband was a dishonest person. “Barely three months after I conceived, I found out that he was a very dishonest person. He lies about almost everything.”

She also narrated how her husband turned her into a punching bag. “He beats me virtually everyday. I got the mark that is now permanently on my right eye from his punches.”

Eucharia is asking the court to make an order dissolving her marriage, grant custody of her children to her and award N10 million cost against her husband for the upkeep of their children.

Crashed Marriages

Saheed and Fathia Balogun
This couple were the envy of everyone in the industry.Their love seemed to have been signed and sealed in the Heavens. Both Saheed and Fathia would tell anyone who cares to listen that their union was one built on mutual trust, love and understanding. When they had the first and second child, any doubt about the institution lasting was put to rest.

But like a virus the plaque caught up with them when Saheed cried out his wife was having an affair with a close friend of his. It was even reported that he tried everything he could to dissuade his wife from continuing the affair but all his pleas fell on her deaf ears. The seal on their so called ‘Holy matrimony’ was broken sometime last year.

Fred and Agatha Amata

Fred and Agatha were your picture of a perfect couple, even the media attested to it. Tall, handsome and fair-skinned Fred found his complete ‘perfect finishing colour’ in the chocolate -ebony Agatha, who thrust her charm and feminine beauty into the heart of many Nigerians as the presenter of a T.V. talk show ‘Inside Out’.

Trouble started when Fred accused his wife of having an affair with the producer of the programme she was hosting. Though the producer and Agatha denied the allegations but that was not enough to convince Fred who headed to the divorce court to have the union severed.

Patricia Leons and Ali Baba

Though, they were never given a chance. Reason: Patricia was much older than Ali Baba, the veteran comedian. However, the couple professed their love and worked hard at it, making it last several years become it finally hit the rocks.

Kingsley Ogoro and Esse Agesse

Kingsley Ogoro and Esse Agesse started too well. After their marriage, Kingsley convinced Esse to drop her career as a musician to become a full housewife and when she agreed, many thought they have finally found the recipe to make their marriage works. It was as perfect as any arrangement could get until Esse began to feel ‘dumped’ and used. Her ambition to get back to the limelights put paid to the marriage.

The list is just endless. Shan George and Nwosisi thought they have found true love only to find out later they were far from it all along. For Eucharia Anunobi and Ekwu, it seemed ‘Miss Searching’ had found ‘Mr Right’ but time proved they were a couple of comedians who weren’t made to be together in the first place.

In Hollywood the situation seems worse as the stars could get married with all the juicy promises one minute and the seeing their divorce lawyers the next. Perhaps, Britney has the record for the shortest marriage in the industry with her world-record 55 hours marriage to schoolfriend Jason Alexander.

Renee Zellweger & Kenny Chesney

Wedded bliss was shortlived for these Southern sweethearts, who sought an annulment after only four months of marriage, citing “fraud” as the reason.

Drew Barrymore & Tom Green

Tom Green made the decision to divorce Drew Barrymore in 2001 after six months of wedded bliss – twice as long as her first marriage to bar owner Jeremy Thomas.

Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Thornton
Despite exchanging vials of each other’s blood, Bob and Angelina split in 2002. He is now on wife No 5: twice divorced, she is now with Brad Pitt.

Julia Roberts & Lyle Lovett

The Pretty Womanand the wire-haired country singer were an odd match to say the least, so it was no great surprise when they went their separate ways in 1993. Roberts then married Daniel Moder.

Madonna & Sean Penn

It was a tabloid editor’s dream: the platinum pop star and the Hollywood rebel. But fire and fire don’t mix – Madonna left Penn in 1989 in a blaze of screaming rows and media hype.

Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt

It was too good to be true. In 2000 Mr and Mrs Cleancut were married on a Malibu cliff in a haze of golden loveliness. They divorced in 2005, and Brad was soon with Angelina. There followed a brisk trade in Team Aniston or Team Jolie T-shirts.

Mariah Carey & Tommy Mottola

Mariah married her manager in 1993 in a ceremony modelled on that of Charles and Diana. There were other similarities: she was a virgin and they ended up divorced. Carey complained that the relationship was not “physical”, and sexed up her image after divorcing him.

However there are many celebrities who have made their marriages work against all odds. Whether in Nollywood or Hollywood, there are still some still smiling and relishing the bliss of marriage. Keep a date next week to see the ‘flyers’, those who have made their marriages work.

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