Afro Moses speaks to GTV

Afro Moses speaks to GTVAn iconic Ghanaian musician based in Sidney, Australia, Afro Moses, says local musicians must use their lyrics to help change negative attitudes in society.

Afro Moses, who became famous with tracks like “Makola” in the 80s and 90s, told Ghana Television that he would soon hit the local music scene with some of his songs.

Afro Moses has a unique style for the kind of music he performs. He calls his music “Si Ma Me Nsa”. With musical instruments like Gonde, Kalimba, Sepewe and Mbira he performs to the admiration of thousands around the world.

The musician believes music should be used to transform society. Afro Moses rendition of “Makola” brought tourists into the country to catch a glimpse of the Makola Market.

The music legend has won several awards both home and abroad, and says he wants to be an inspiration to Ghanaian youth.

Source: Public Agenda