Mills closes door on Ghanaians

 President John Evans Atta MillsA cross-section of Ghanaians living in the United Kingdom (UK) is dismayed at the itinerary of President John Evans Atta Mills who is on official visit to the country.

They have been expressing abject displeasure about the fact that a meeting scheduled between the Ghanaian community and the President has been restricted to a chosen few who the Government feels comfortable with.

Various contributors on Ghanaian community radio stations in the UK are of the view that the Government is avoiding public scrutiny hence the “runaway schedule”.

Most of the callers stressed that the meeting between the President and the Ghanaian community should be opened to all and sundry who would be able to attend and enable them ask the President some pressing questions raging from car seizures to the failing economy.

“But he has run away because he does not have any reliable and tangible answers for us,” they fumed.

Having failed to stop most Ghanaians from attending the meeting through propaganda by publishing a warning in a (Ghanaian newspaper) to ward off people who may want to stage a demonstration during the President’s visit, the government then resorted to the “strictly by invitation strategy”.

However, some NDC supporters including some executive members in the UK have frantically explained that the President’s visit to the UK is being manned by the host Government. The NDC government therefore has no hand in the schedule, they added.

A section of Ghanaians in UK observed that they had unrestricted fruitful and frantic meeting with former President J. A. Kufuor during most of his official visits.

They have been therefore very unhappy about the turn of events under the current administration.  

Meanwhile, President Mills has held a closed door meeting with Prime Minister of UK, Gordon Brown, to discuss bilateral relations between the two countries. 

The President is also billed to hold meetings with UK business tycoons, some Secretaries of State including Jackie Smith for Home Affairs and His Royal Highness, Prince Charles.

From Kwaku Pepra, London