Yaw Kontor shines at Culture Caravan

Yaw KontorYaw Kontor is perhaps the best drummer alive in Ghana at the moment. Having learnt under prolific drummers such as the late Guy Warren aka Kofi Ghanaba, Yaw Kontor continues to dazzle audiences around the world with his unique drumming skills and raw vocals. He has toured Europe, Nigeria with some of the best bands. At a point, he taught drumming at the School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana, Legon; and currently teaches aspiring drummers in his own music school in Accra.

In spite of these feats, Okyerema Yaw Kontor remains unknown to many Ghanaians. However, the public is getting to know this drumming genius through the Kwaku Ananse role he plays in the ongoing Culture Caravan. In the stage musical, he plays the role of the cunning Kwaku Ananse who steals a baby from a single mother to pass off as his own; and also greedy Ananse who steals the sound of music from the people.

Panji Anoff, the producer explains why he picked Yaw Kontor for the role of Ananse: “About 10 years ago, my brother created a painting of a drummer with 8 arms and legs. If you hear Yaw Kontor play the drums, it feels like he has 8 arms and legs like Kweku Ananse whom we know has 8 arms and leg so he fit the part very well”.

The crowd agrees with Panji and they have showed a lot of love for Yaw Kontor who doesn’t only play the role of Ananse but also gets the opportunity to show his drumming prowess on stage.

By The Buzz