Nduom congratulates TUC

Nduom congratulates TUCI wish to congratulate the leadership and the entire membership of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) on the occasion of the celebration of May Day.

It will be recalled that as the CPP’s Flagbearer for the 2008 elections, I took time out to honour the invitation to appear at the TUC’s annual congress to explain my agenda to improve the welfare of Ghanaian workers.

I also campaigned on providing “Change You Can Feel In Your Pocket”.

The historic ties between the TUC and the CPP are well established.

We share a common vision for increasing the prosperity of all workers in the country. We share a common bond of struggle for strengthening the Ghanaian economy. We also share a pan-African agenda.

We are living in difficult times globally and in our own domestic environment.

With increases in the prices of utilities, food items and other consumer goods, there are tremendous pressures on the wages and salaries of the Ghanaian worker.

It is my wish that for the public services, government will see to the implementation of the Single Spine Pay System soon and in a manner that will bring equity and transparency in the way workers are paid in the public services.

Ghana needs a program that will stimulate domestic productivity and industrialization in a rapid manner.

This requires unprecedented levels of cooperation between government, labour and employers. It needs government to implement measures to give advantage to domestic producers in all areas – rice, oil palm, orange, banana, textiles, fruit juice, soap, electrical supplies, services, etc. in Ghana.

The TUC can count on me and the CPP to remain partners well into the 21st Century in the struggle to gain dignity and prosperity for workers in Ghana.

Source: The Statesman