Prophetess in fraud case

Prophetess in fraud caseProphetess Deborah Adarkwah, 50, leader of the Prayer Preaching Church International at Anyaa near Accra is assisting the police in a case in which she is alleged to have defrauded a transport operator of his Opel Astra saloon car valued at GH¢3,500.

Affectionately called “Mama Deborah”, Prophetess Adarkwah is claiming the vehicle as a form of payment for spiritual services rendered to the complainant. She is currently on a self-recognisance bail.

Mr Oblitey Quaye, the complainant who sought spiritual help from Prophetess Adarkwah is contending that the prophetess failed to cure his wife of fibroid, diabetes, and to exorcise a witchcraft spirit that his three daughters allegedly confessed they possessed.

DSP Ebenezer Oppong told The Spectator that sometime last year, Mr Quaye, who was experiencing considerable stress as a result of a slump in his transport business and the poor health of his wife, was directed to Prophetess Adarkwah as someone who could solve his problem within a week.

He said Prophetess Adarkwah at the time demanded GH¢1,500 as payment for her services but as the complainant could not immediately afford the amount, he decided to surrender his Opel Astra saloon car valued at GH¢3,500 to the Prophetess as a guarantee that payment will be effected in due course.

The complainant also supplied quantities of rice, cooking oil and other provisions to the prophetess to facilitate the spiritual exercise.

DSP Oppong said the complainant’s wife later went to stay with the prophetess for about three months for the spiritual treatment but her condition worsened.

The complainant consequently went for the wife and took her to the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital where he was told that the wife’s diabetes and fibroid had not been cured.

The doctors at Korle Bu recommended clinical treatment for both ailments.

The complainant, sensing at this stage that he had been defrauded, started demanding the return of his car but Prophetess Adarkwah refused, claiming she had made additional expenses to the tune of GH¢1,400 on the car.

Source: The Spectator