FIFA assures media of state of the art facility in South Africa

Sepp Blatter, President of Federation of International Football AssociationSepp Blatter, President of Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) has assured the international sporting press that his outfit will ensure the provision of the state of the art media facility at the 2010, World Cup in South Africa.

This, he said will ensure fruitful debates and encourage journalists to provide high quality reportage and analysis during the competition.

Mr Blatter said, “It is FIFA’s goal to leave a legacy for the entire African continent and we will fully ensure our responsibility with legacy work in sports media – hosting programes for South African sports journalists and broadcasters as well.”

Delivering his address through video at the 72nd Congress of the Association of the International Press for Sports (AIPS) in Milan, Italy, Blatter said, “FIFA has been striving to accommodate the increasing needs of the sports media to cover FIFA events on regular basis by providing state-of- the-art facilities and services.

“These efforts will be evident for the Confederations Cup and the 2010 World Cup in South Africa”.

Mr Blatter said the cooperation between FIFA and the sports media has always been marked by respect and understanding for each others’ needs, adding that his organization has been and will remain a reliable partner of the AIPS.

“As a former sports journalist myself and honorary member of AIPS, I’m acutely aware of the constraints and challenges you are confronted with, and at the same time I know that your journalistic ethos will fully comply with your journalistic duties and responsibilities,” he stated.

He added “that in times of crisis there are even greater, and I am convinced that you will treat the personalities of sports at all levels with care, taking into account in their favour, the constraints they are facing when working in a very competitive and political environment”.

Mr Blatter expressed his appreciation to AIPS president Gianni Merlo for his work and very active and fruitful discussions in the FIFA Media Committee, adding that Merlo continually defended the needs of the sports media.

Source: GNA