Blows over dog meat lands ‘fufu-pounder’ in jail

A fierce fight between two friends over the sharing of dog meat has left one with a slashed wrist inflicted with a butcher’s knife.

Nii Armah Tackie, 27, a professional acrobat who slashed the right wrist of his friend, Apampika Atanga, 25, a fufu-pounder, is in custody assisting the Accra West Divisional police in their investigations.

DSP Ebenezer Oppong, the divisional crime officer, told The Spectator that last Sunday Nii Tackie accompanied Atanga (complainant) and Asampana Kwadjo, unemployed, to a house around Abossey Okai where they received a live dog as a gift to prepare a meal.

After the dog was slaughtered, Nii Tackie requested for his share of the meat and Atanga was reported to have questioned the extent of his monetary contribution to the buying of ingredients like vegetables and condiments towards the preparation of the dog-meat meal.

Nii Tackie who got infuriated with Atanga, surged forward and attempted to snatch the butcher’s knife he (Atanga) was using. In the process a fierce struggle ensured with exchange of blows. At the end Nii Tackie allegedly managed to dispossess Atanga of the knife and inflicted a deep cut on his wrist.

The suspect, Tackie, who claimed to be a member of the Ghana Acrobatic Asaseso Troupe, to the police that he had been enjoying dog meat for the past five years, adding that some housewives also buy it when offered for sale.

He said a live dog is sold for at least GH¢4.00 and the pieces of the meat are offered at 4Gp near the Mataheko Lorry Station where patrons find it quite affordable. .

Nii Tackie maintained that it was not his intention to slash Atanga with the knife and that he was only trying to seize the weapon from him when it accidentally injured him.

DSP Oppong said the case is being investigated and the suspect would be put before court after the necessary investigations have been completed.

Source: Times