Beware – Cell phone snatchers operating near Achimota station

Motorists have mostly been victims of such attacksIt is almost impossible for anyone to walk or drive around Achimota, a suburb of Accra, especially in the evenings, while busy chatting on a mobile phone.

It seems it is prohibited to talk on a cell phone in that area, because your phone would quickly be snatched.

Most of the victims are motorists or their passenger.

These snatchers monitor, especially those who drive private vehicles, and when they realise they are busy on the phone, quickly snatch the phone without the victim identifying the face of the snatcher, not to talk of where he might have ran to.

Victims of these incidents told the Accra File that not only do they snatch the phone from you, but also injure your hand with a sharp object, in order to compel you to release the phone quickly.

Some also said they attack them in their vehicles, and demand the phones. Information reaching this file, indicated that initially there where police personnel in the vicinity, but they do not stay for long. “They stay around for a very short time, and they leave,” they added.

According to them, the snatchers do not operate when the police are on patrol, but immediately they leave, they also begin doing their business.

Not only do motorists fall victim to this act, but also pedestrians who use the area in the evenings.

To them, these thieves follow them around, even when they are not talking on their phone.

They follow them until they get to a corner, where there are not too many people, and then attack you and take your phone and other belongings.

But, the Accra File further got to know that these snatchers have a hiding place at Achimota where the stolen items are kept.

The file was told that immediately your items are stolen, people in the neighbourhood would direct you their hiding place, and then negotiate with the thieves so they release your items.

Not so easily, as one also pays an amount of money to them, so they sort it out with the snatcher who took the phone. And in no time, a number of phones are produced for the victim to identify his/her phone.

It was also discovered that this act has been going on for quite sometime, and is becoming a dilemma to people who use that area.

The Accra File is therefore alerting the police to spend more time in the area, because these thieves know the schedule of the police, and only operate when they leave.

The police are also alerted to figure out the hiding place of these thieves and deal with them severely.