NPP May Day Message

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) on this May Day wishes to express appreciation to all workers across the country. We pay tribute to the gallant workforce on whose shoulders our great nation strides.

As the leading and the biggest opposition party in Ghana currently, we urge workers from the various sectors of the economy especially organized labour to keep up the good work in the collective interest of achieving economic growth, stability and above all meeting the development goals of our dear nation.

It will be recalled that during the NPP administration, various pragmatic policies geared towards making labour productive and comfortable were pursued, including the single spine salary structure, salary reviews especially in the health sector that have drastically curtailed brain drain, vehicle purchase schemes for workers and matching then minimum wage to inflation. These have sought the greater good of the ordinary worker as well as increased productivity and living standards generally.

As we commemorate May Day, it is the hope of the New Patriotic Party that workers across the country will take stock of the past years and work tirelessly towards the economic freedom of Ghana, strengthen our democracy and also collectively put the nation first in all endeavours with a sense of commitment to building a prosperous nation.

The current global economic crisis however deepens the enormity of the task that labour has in our nation building efforts and requires extra exertion and strength in order for Ghana to achieve its middle income status. We believe the Ghanaian worker has the propensity to work towards achieving this goal.

With this firm conviction in our minds, we of the NPP wish all workers and prospective ones a happy May Day.

By dailyguide