Warriors Making Impact

The WarriorsThe Warriors, a live band musical group aimed at reviving live band music in Ghana, last week won the hearts of many music lovers when it staged a brilliant live musical performance at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ).

The Warriors which was formed a couple of years back has performed at a series of live band musical concerts in the country in a phenomenal style.

With the group’s creative style of performance and dancing skills, music lovers as well as GIJ students and invited guests could not help but dance to show appreciation for the wonderful performance.

Anytime the Warriors mount the stage to perform, they give a thrilling choreography in a phenomenal style and always perform to the satisfaction of every music lover.

The group last year released its hit-single, ‘Gold Coast’ which is meant to educate fans about Ghana’s rich culture, natural mineral resources and the need to promote Ghana’s culture to the outside world. It is also to advise Ghanaians not to be influenced by Western culture which could negatively impact on their lives.

By George Clifford Owusu