TV stations must pay musicians for their works – Abraham Ohene-Djan

The Chief Executive of OM studios, Abraham Ohene-GyanThe Chief Executive of OM studios, Abraham Ohene-Gyan, on Tuesday called on television stations to pay Ghanaian musicians for airing their videos.

He told GNA in an interview that Ghana was the only country where musicians paid money before their videos were aired.

Mr Ohene-Jan said television stations attracted more viewers when they aired music videos, adding that, television stations also made more money when advertisers placed their adverts on musical programmes.

He explained that television stations spent money to produce programmes but did not want to spend money when they aired music videos, saying a percentage of the money the stations made from advertisements must be paid to the musicians.

He said musicians would be able to produce good quality music videos and earn money when television stations paid them.

Mr Ohene-Jan said new TV channels like Fiesta on Sky Digital TV would start paying musicians for their works.

He said Fiesta TV would pay musicians to produce more music videos adding that this would help grow the music industry.