Tinny is confused

TinnyOne of the major challenges of Tinny is what to do with is upcoming album. The music icon is simply confused. He disclosed in an interview with Ghana Music.com that “I don’t know what to do with my new album”.

He said he has done so much work for his new album and he does not know which one will make the album title. “I recorded one piece with Ja Rule when he was in the country last year and that is lying there waste”.

Under the management of Mad House Entertainment, Ja Rule was billed for the 2008 MTN Ghana Music Awards and after his schedule went into the studios and recorded a track with Tinny. Now the artiste is gone and Tinny does know how to get a clip for the video of the song he thinks will be a hit. The track is yet to be heard by anybody.

Tinny is currently gaining a lot of hype and credit for his new single ‘Ringtone’ which seems to be going down well with a lot of people. His indigenous Ga rap spiced with a lot of variety has actually worked really for him.

By Ghanamusic