Ghana is far advanced in radioactive science

Vice president John MahamaGhana is much advanced in the area of nuclear radioactive science which helps in curing cancer, Japanese nuclear scientists have revealed.

Indeed, Japan is to send four experts to Ghana in June to intensify co-operation in that field.

Ambassador Yukiya Amano, leader of a delegation from the Permanent Mission of Japan to the International Organisations in Vienna, Austria, disclosed this where they called on Vice President John Mahama at the Castle, Osu, Monday.

The Japanese delegation was at the Castle to discuss how the two countries could strengthen cooperation on nuclear issues, especially in the area of nuclear radioactive science, a field in which Ghana is deemed to have much expertise.

He said 30 per cent of Japan’s energy was derived from nuclear plants and advised Ghana’s cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency with regard to nuclear power generation as indispensable.

The envoy stated that Japanese cooperation with Ghana had been concentrated on infrastructure like roads and ports, arid said it was time the two countries intensified cooperation in the nuclear milieu.

Vice President Mahama, on his part, said Ghana’s long-term goal of going nuclear is purely to meet its energy needs and for food preservation rather than military purposes.

“Ghana is a peaceful country and the nuclear option will help address the country’s limitation in power supply”, he said.

Vice President Mahama recalled that the country experienced severe limitations in power supply some years back and that informed its decision to explore nuclear energy, adding, ”we will seek your (Japan’s) advice and counsel when the time comes.”

He appealed to the Japanese government to consider re-introducing the Yen Loan Component of its Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) to Ghana as it was through such support that the Yamoransa and other road projects and infrastructure were constructed.

Mr Mahama noted that Ghana’s relationship with Japan in that regard was good until Ghana went HIPC and some changes were made on Japan’s ODA to Ghana.

Source: Times