Swine flu has not been detected in Ghana

Swine flu has not been detected in GhanaThe Ministries of Health and Food and Agriculture on Tuesday assured Ghanaians that the outbreak of swine flu in some part of the world that has attracted international attention has not been detected in Ghana.

The two ministries reassured the public that adequate measures were being taken to mitigate any effects of the swine flu on the country’s population.

A statement signed by Dr George Sipa-Adjah Yankey, Minister of Health and Dr Alfred Tia, Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture, said in view of the seriousness of the swine flu threat, the World Health Organisation had raised the alert level to four asking all countries to instigate mitigating measures to protect their population.

The ministries stated that upon the advice by the Food and Drugs Board and the Veterinary Services Division immediate restriction has been placed on the importation of pork and pork products into the country.

“The consumption of pork in the country has no danger attached to it. However, the two ministries advice that pork and pork products should be well cooked before consumption,” the statement said.

It said the Ministry of Health had enough stock of medicines for managing influenza, including swine flu, and advised that anyone with symptoms of flu including high temperature, cough, severe sore throat, body aches and chills to report to the nearest health facility for appropriate management.

The statement said the Ghana Veterinary Services had intensified its surveillance and monitoring activities throughout the country and would immediately update the public should any case of swine flu be detected.

The Ghana Immigration Service authorities are also maintaining vigilance at the ports of entry and all arriving passengers with signs of flu will be quarantined and provided the needed treatment.

The two ministries said the government will continue to update the population on this emerging global health challenge.

Source: GNA