Let’s move away from politics of retaliation- Bishop

Right Reverend Benjamin Asare, Methodist Bishop of Obuasi, has condemned what he called “the politics of retaliation” saying that kind of attitude in the country’s body politic would not help the nation to develop.

He said even though the previous government set up a National Reconciliation Commission (NRC) to address atrocities and brutalities of the past, the country had still not achieved reconciliation as the nation was still divided.

Bishop Asare, who said this in a sermon to round off a three-day 12th Annual Synod meeting of the Obuasi Diocese of the church on Sunday said, “Reconciliation and peace of the country will fail if we do not learn to forgive as citizens belonging to one nation with a common destiny”.

The bishop said though many believed they had genuine cause to take revenge and pay evil with evil, that kind of attitude would impede the nation’s development.

He, however, said he was glad with President Mills’ inaugural statement that he was going to be “father of all the people in the country”. He added that that statement represented national reconciliation, unity and peace needed for national development.

“I am optimistic that he will live up to his word. However the reality of this noble statement will be visualised, analysed and judged on the basis of the relationship of his party with the other political parties especially the NPP.

“The government must reach out to all and make reconciliation one of its top priorities”, he added.

Stressing on the theme for the synod “Ambassadors of Reconciliation,” Bishop Asare said reconciliation was a major responsibility for the Christian.

He said the country needed transparent and good governance devoid of hatred and intolerance of opposing views.

The bishop said his six years stay in office saw significant progress in the diocese noting that an office was refurbished, a new manse and a four-bedroom guest house were put up as well a 42-acre cocoa demonstration farm at Kusa was acquired.

Source: GNA