Rev Anaba urges government to speed up development of northern Ghana

Rev Anaba urges government to speed up development of northern GhanaReverend Eastwood Anaba, Head Pastor of the Fountain Gate chapel (FGC) on Sunday called on the government to speed up the development of northern Ghana to motivate citizens in the Diaspora to return home.

He said human resource was the most important ingredient needed to develop the area, adding that there were many people from northern Ghana who had migrated to other areas, who could return and contribute to the development process.

He expressed concern at the slow pace of development in the northern sector, saying “a nation that develops some of its parts and leave other parts can never truly develop”.

Reverend Anaba made the call when Vice President John Dramani Mahama joined the congregation of the FGC in Bolgatanga to mourn with members on the death of six members of the Church in a motor accident on Good Friday.

Among the deceased were two daughters of Rev Anaba.

He said it was very disheartening to see young people travel outside the area to the south all the time in search of non-existing jobs.

“We want our people back so that they can have their dignity and help develop their communities,” Rev. Anaba reiterated.

Reverend Betty King, a London-based Pastor and a friend of the FGC, noted that there was every indication that Ghana was making a breakthrough in development and appealed for unity and collaboration among the people to speed up the development process.

Source: GNA