Fianoo sure of Ashgold stay

Returnee CEO of Obuasi Ashgold, Mr. Kudjo Fianoo says that despite the huge pressure to escape relegation this season, his team will brave all odds to maintain their status in Ghana’s top flight.

He stated that in their attempt to rescue the club from relegation and stay in the elite division this season, he has brought in 11 new players during the transfer period to augment the existing squad to play as a team with a positive attitude to avoid the drop.

“It’s a real battle which we must fight with all our might. We can’t fail our fans and those that brought us here,” Fianoo said.

“We knew the magnitude of the work before we accepted the offer so we are doing everything possible to ensure that we play better in order to pick points in the second round.”

According to the Ashgold chief, they have put in motion a plan to win all their first 7 games of the second round which they believe will give them the kind of cushion they need to stay in the top flight.

“The points margin between the clubs is not big so if we continue to work hard, we should find ourselves comfortable in the top bracket of the league ladder at the end of the season,” he added.

Source: 90 Minutes Newspaper